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Every Home Needs a ChiroMama

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Free home chiropractic
Healing Hands 2 Billion  
Energy medicine for every home.

Mothers of the World
will provide
New radiant health for their loved ones

    Today, only the rich can afford regular chiropractic, real health care, for their loved ones. We are going to change that. This website is part of a free, non-profit movement to bring
chiropractic to every family on earth.

Our goal: 1 billion mothers adjusting their loved ones in homes around the world. ChiroMamas

    Chiropractors need to teach mothers how to give soft, safe, gentle home chiropractic (ChiroMom) adjustments to their families.

Is that safe? A mother's adjustment is far safer than an aspirin.
We can trust mothers' healing hands and loving hearts.

Chiropractic adjustments correct the cause of pain and disease. ChiroMom adjustments for emergency and wellness health care can replace drugs and surgery which often mask the cause of health problems and delay proper treatment. DOCTORS' PAGE
    A few simple ChiroMom adjustments are presented on this website. FREE ChiroMom adjustments. However, the best way to learn is personal guidance by a fully-trained doctor of chiropractic, your family chiropractor with 6 years of college training. Study this website carefully, then start using what you learn today. Share Healing Hands 2 Billion with others. If you are a doctor of chiropractic, or a mother who would like more information, please contact us.
    As "Chiro-Moms" learn the great power of the chiropractic principles, more fully-qualified doctors of chiropractic will be needed to serve billions in cities, towns and villages around the world. Together, the chiro-mom and the chiropractor will become the most vital Health Care Partnership for the 21st century family. [DOCTORS' PAGE]
    Our global outreach is free. You can freely use and share this information with other doctors and mothers.
    As my respected friend, Dr. Wendy Coren said,
childrens chiropractic
free ChiroMom adjustments for the whole world
"There will never be world peace without world health --
and there will never be world health without chiropractic."
    Only the mothers of the world can make this happen. You can help. Contact us to find out how.
free home chiropractic

Stop a headache with ChiroMom adjustments [CLICK HERE],
Cure Colds and Flu, Stress & Stomach ache with ChiroMom adjustments [CLICK HERE],
Use your loving heart and healing hands to SAFELY bring comfort to a suffering baby [CLICK HERE].

(ChiroMom adjustments taken from the book "ChiroMama -- Every Home Should Have One")

Free ChiroMom adjustments
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Chiropractic for Families
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La Quiropráctica

It works
and that's what counts

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Every home needs a ChiroMama

. Throw out those pills and potions. Mother can give her loved ones gentle, safe ChiroMom adjustments for healing and radiant health. Headaches, baby's colic, sore throats, PMS -- yes, and even back and neck pain.