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Is your baby fussy?
colicky? vomiting? unable to sleep?
jumpy when touched?
crying for "no reason"?

Mom with crying baby
These chiropractic adjustments can correct the cause.

MOTHER, you are naturally qualified to give soft, slow adjustments yourself, right at home!

Read the information below -- then if you feel comfortable with it
"Doctor, what would have to happen
for you to be my coach in this?"


Why do babies have these problems? First of all, birth is no picnic. The infant is forced head-first (and usually up hill!) into an exit that is way too small. Then suddenly the lights come on and huge hands start tugging on that tiny neck -- 20-30 pounds (over 10 kg) of pull and twist in the standard North American birthing. After that, statistics show that 50% of infants fall from a bed, chair or table onto their heads in the first year of life. Ouch!

Louie XIV birth position
Is it any wonder researchers have found that up to 80% of babies have problems in the neck? [RESEARCH] -- particularly at the important first vertebra. These subluxations [SUB-LUX-ation] scramble communications between the brain and body. [THE CHIROPRACTIC PRINCIPLES.] About one baby in four has obvious symptoms. Subluxations disrupt the child's ability to fight infections, digest food properly, control temperature. Subluxations may cause pain, vomiting, sleeplessness, and “failure to thrive” -- even cerebral palsy and S.I.D.S.

Here is what you can do at home.

We recommend that you have someone else read, and you follow the instructions in order.

Run your finger softly & slowly down your loved one's spine, from head to tailbone. Listen to your feelings, your intuition. Is there any area along that little communication super-highway where you sense a problem? This is not something I can teach you -- you know what your intuition feels like, that inner voice that tells you the truth. However, you may additionally feel a slight warmth or tingling or “thickness” in your hand as your attention passes over a subluxated joint. [SUB-LUX-ation]
I will explain below where an infant's subluxations most commonly are, but first and always listen to your own intuition. Listen several times if necessary, until you are sure which spot calls to you for help. It's more a feeling than a sound,

Directions arise
from within
with an insistent demand,
with a surety
that startles.

Delores Krieger, PhD
B. THE CENTER PLACE: You are now going to to feel and liberate the spinal joints which are not moving freely. Many fussy, colicky, sickly babies are suffering due to subluxations. [SUB-LUX-ation] After chiropractic adjustments, the symptoms go away for good. You may draw your own conclusions.[RESEARCH]

Most of the nerves that supply your baby's vital organs leave the spinal cord between various vertebrae [NOTE] of the mid-back. The lower the organ lies in the body, the lower its nerves exit the spine. Halfway between the shoulder and the hip bones (iliac crests) is the 6th thoracic vertebra, called "the Center Place" by Dr. D.D. Palmer. It is a push button for the stomach. [RETURN]

Holding Baby Prone
Figure 4
1. POSITION THE CHILD: You may hold the child in your arms [figure 4], on your lap [figure 5], or lie him face down [figure 6] on a firm surface so that you can move the shoulders with one hand and feel along the spine with your other hand. Always find the position that relaxes the baby emotionally and physically. Your 7 step ChiroMom adjustment will take 2 minutes.

2. LOOK: You have already listened intuitively. Now look closely. Often you can see taut, ropey muscles on one side of the spine. Isolated rashes or blemishes on the skin frequently indicate subluxation below.

3. TOUCH: Next, lightly rub and probe with your fingers. You can often find hidden muscles on one side of the spine that are tight and tense, while the mirror image muscles on the other side are soft and relaxed.
Feel for unusual, boney hard spots on either side of the spine. You will often find the hard, rigid side locks up when the back moves. These spots generally hurt with just a little pressure -- so be sensitive to your baby's reactions. Your inner voice, together with these clues, will guide you to subluxations. [SUB-LUX-ation]

To have courage for whatever comes in life,
everything lies in that

Just small things,
with great love.

Mother Teresa   

Mother Teresa with Baby
4. FEEL FOR MOTION: To FEEL mid-back subluxations, place your index and middle finger about 1 inch (2-3 cm) apart, one on each side of the spine, either at the spot where your intuition senses a subluxation or at the Center Place, T6. [NOTE].
Now move the child's shoulders to arch and rotate the mid-back. At the same time, feel with your fingers for subtle motion between the two vertebrae -- for the smooth gliding that should be present as the body moves.
There is much less motion between the vertebrae of the mid back than there is in the neck. It is ALWAYS a good idea to compare several joints in the same area of the spine. That will often show you what normal feels like, and which ones are not moving as they should.

The future of healing
is love and energy

My Chiropractic   
5. ChiroMom Adjustment: To ADJUST the mid-back subluxation, move the shoulders and body through the motion that is stuck while you press and gently guide the joint that is stuck -- to "un-stick" it.
You may very gently bounce you fingers into that spot a few times to free it.

6. HEALING INTENTION: As always, pour your love in. Imagine the joint gliding freely, liberated by your nurturing hands. Feel the warm energy pouring through to fill the nearest organs and muscles with healing power. That is what your ChiroMom adjustment does!

7. STOP. You found it, you fixed it, now leave it alone.


"Doctor, what would have to happen
for you to be my coach in this?"

ChiroMom adjustments Do Not Make Mother A Chiropractor
Your doctor of chiropractic (DC) can safely, softly adjust the baby in one-third of a second. You will require 20-30 seconds of gentle finger pressure to make your ChiroMom adjustment. Then you will sometimes need to give the same tender adjustment several times over a few hours to have the same effect as your DC's adjustment.

The whole ChiroMom adjusting procedure -- listening, feeling and adjusting -- should take less than 2 minutes. Check it again in an hour or so. Adjust if you find it subluxated.

So gentle, so quick.

If you have any concerns at all about your baby's condition, take her to a licenced doctor of chiropractic for professional evaluation, advice, and adjustment.

We recommend that you have someone else read, and you follow the instructions in order.

C. THE UPPER NECK: These are the most important bones in the body. The brain stem extends down into the top of the neck, directing many automatic body functions -- such as digestion and immunity -- essential to health and well-being.
Press softly and move slowly
You are not fighting disease, you are nurturing and stimulating health.

A good therapy is to stimulate the healer within.
Albert Schweizer, MD
1. POSITION THE CHILD: Hold the child in your arms [figure 1], on your lap [figure 2] or lie her face up on a soft surface [figure 3]. You will support and guide the baby's head with one hand while you feel the back of the neck with the fingers of your other hand. Find a position that relaxes the baby emotionally and physically. Your

2. LOOK: Pay attention to whether the muscles on one side of the neck are tight and tense, while the other side are soft and relaxed.

3. TOUCH: Notice if one side of the neck feels soft, while the mirror image side seems boney hard. Often the hard side locks up when the head moves. It also hurts when you press -- so be careful and gentle.
Concentrate on the uppermost inch (2-3 cm) of the neck, just at the base of the head.

4. FEEL FOR MOTION: You FEEL subluxations by slowly, tenderly turning and rocking the head from side to side, while feeling with your fingers for the smooth, pain-free gliding that is normally be present between the bones. Compare the joints 1 cm above and 1 cm below, contrast left with right to find what normal feels like. Then you will recognize abnormal. These rigid places generally indicate subluxations. Pay close attention to the information from your hands, head, and heart. Move slowly, carefully, lovingly with healing intention.

ChiroMom Adjustment:To move a joint gently, slowly, usually several times over 20-30 seconds, with the intention to free it and relieve the stress it places on the nerves.

What you think about
is what you bring about.
Mary Parker Smith   
5. RESTORE NORMAL MOTION -- While you move the head gently and lovingly, put soft finger pressure on the joint that is stuck -- to "unstick it", as my wife says. Do this slowly and tenderly several times; 20-30 seconds in all.

6. HEALING INTENTION -- Pour your love in. Imagine the joint gliding freely. Imagine warm, healing energy pouring through to fill your baby's body with harmony and comfort. [THE CHIROPRACTIC PRINCIPLES.]

7. STOP: Now leave it alone.

D. WHAT TO EXPECT: You may have felt or heard the little subluxation softly becoming free, wonderful. If not, don't worry about it. You may see an instant miracle cure -- but usually relief takes a few moments. Do not be discouraged if it is several minutes after your adjustment when you suddenly realize that the baby is calmer, more relaxed, perhaps sleeping peacefully. You may softly adjust your baby several times daily to give comfort and to speed healing.

Asian Mom & Baby,
Health problems are often like snakes - they sneak up on you. It is wise to keep our eyes open, and our home clear of them.
It sneaks up on you, then bites.
Subluxations are like that. Keep checking and adjusting your loved ones after the symptoms are gone until you know that the sub-lux-ation is not still hiding there.
True health often returns in cycles -- with more and more ups and fewer downs.
Babies have not been subluxated long, so they respond very quickly to chiropractic adjusting. You will usually see positive evidence of real healing minutes or hours after your ChiroMom adjustments. Consult with your family chiropractor if you have any questions. Expect miracles -- but realize that even miracles can take time and effort. Remember pregnancy?

E. HOW OFTEN? Check for subluxations as often as you feel drawn to do so, and adjust any that you find. Guided by your loving intuition, gentle home chiropractic is one of the safest gifts you will ever give your baby and other loved ones.

Be careful. Be soothing. Listen closely to your inner voice. Over time your loved ones will need fewer and fewer adjustments. Health is your natural state.

F. WELLNESS CARE: The ChiroMama takes 2-3 minutes each month, or each week, to softly, gently check and adjust each child with her loving heart and healing hands.
The family chiropractor should check every newborn infant as soon as you both are out of the house or hospital.
You will often find subluxations before they cause any symptoms at all, long before serious diseases develop. Your children will enjoy marvelously improved health. You will save hundreds of hours of suffering, and thousands of dollars, pounds, Euros, pesos, or...

family chiropractic

free home chiropractic

Chiropractic will add years to your life,
and life to your years.

ChiroMom adjustments will revolutionize the health of your loved ones.home chiropractic

Subluxation2   [SUB-LUX-ation]   What is a Sub-lux-ation?
     1) An incomplete or "minor" dislocation of two vertebrae, which
       2) puts stress on nearby nerves.
causing decreased light/energy in the body.
From the Greek SUB, less than + LUX, dislocate, and from the Latin SUB, inadequate + LUX, light.

Latin Root: LUX is Latin for LIGHT -- often equated with ENERGY, POWER and KNOWLEDGE. SUB-lux indicates INADEQUATE light; inferior, deficient, defective energy and power. [RETURN]

This is a
A Spinal Joint and Nerve Window

[NOTE] Vertebrae is plural of vertebra. The picture at right shows two vertebrae, and the foramen (window) between them through which the nerve bundle exits. [RETURN]

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