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of the 21st Century!

      Please, Doctor,
Please, Doctor, adjust my baby!
      adjust my baby!

James W. Parker, BA, DC
    It was a brilliant summer day in 1996. My mentor and I were in his Dallas home, discussing the future of chiropractic. Teacher of over half of the chiropractic profession, and founder of a great chiropractic college, he was a man of vast initiative and profound insight. Suddenly he shocked me.  

"BJ spoke of a chiropractor at the
head of every table in America."

    I blinked in the sunlight, stunned at the vision.

chiropractic continuing education
B.J. Palmer, DC, Ph.C.
    This is a vision of hundreds of millions of people adjusting their families -- loving mothers with enough training to lay on careful, skilled hands for gentle. routine wellness care and day-to-day chiropractic first-aid. Steadily it grew into a worldview of one billion ChiroMamas in consultation with fully trained, licenced DCs. Healing Hands 2 Billion.

   Dr. Scott Haldeman has now implemented visionary action steps with World Spine Care. How long can the women of the world wait for us to take the next logical step: Healing Hands 2 Billion - ChiroMamas? (That would be ChiroMums in South Afica, ChiroMoms is America.)

    This vision is a master key that will bring new, radiant health to billions.

    Healing Hands 2 Billion will also vastly expand your practice, bringing long-overdue honour to this noble profession -- and explosive demand for more chiropractors worldwide.

   Using the Internet, including YouTube, we can collaborate, perfect and spread the Vision, and the Action Steps, to colleagues and mothers around the globe very rapidly. We call upon you, doctor, to begin today, demonstrating and teaching soft, simple, gentle, effective light-touch and no-touch ChiroMom adjusting techniques that will partner you with the mothers in your area - for life.  (NB: We do not recommend that anyone but fully trained DCs perform HVLA adjustments.)

   The time has come for DCs to make it possible for every member of the human family to receive regular, life-saving, life-enhancing adjustments. There are many low-force and non-force adjusting techniques already being used around the world. You probably use several in your own practice. Healing Hands 2 Billion does not require a vast bureaucracy. It is most responsibly and safely done by individual field doctors who see that chiropractic is "a purpose larger than self," and who have internalized the Parker acronym LS/MFT (Loving Service - My First Technique). Today peer-to-peer online collaboration is changing the world - the time has come for chiropractic to be the global choice in healthcare.

   You will see for these words repeatedly in this website:

"Doctor, what would have to happen
for you to be my coach in this?"

   We challenge you, doctor, to become a leader in a worldwide health revolution, empowering mothers with the Chiropractic Principle, and gentle home adjusting skills.

We welcome your impressions, suggestions and questions.

   With the leadership of those in our profession who have mastered the internet and information technology, this chiropractic outreach can go "viral", super-charging the health of the world's children. It will revolutionize the health habits of billions of people. Healing Hands 2 Billion will rapidly replace toxic, unsustainable medical and surgical interventions with tonic, sustainable, nurturing chiropractic wellness care. Without pouring money into politics and legal challenges, ChiroMom adjustments - simply teaching and coaching mothers - will boom the global demand for chiropractic. The enormous grass-roots demand engendered by Healing Hands 2 Billion will rapidly create massive government and corporate support for chiropractic.

The hand that rocks the cradle,
rules the world.

    Doctor, you know that chiropractic adjustments are safer than drugs and surgery, safer than physical therapy. Chiropractic adjustments, including HVLA, are safer than bowling or basketball; far safer than cook fires or electric appliances.    (NB: We do not recommend that anyone but fully trained DCs perform HVLA adjustments.)

Home Chiropractic care is SAFE
    DANGER: Billions tap the awesome power of electricity daily. They turn on bright lights, hot water, refrigeration, radios and computers while understanding only the most rudimentary safety rules regarding the powerful technologies they use -- "DON'T put forks in the toaster." Chiropractic is a powerful advance over pharmaco-surgical technologies, and far safer. Medicine is toxic, chiropractic is tonic. For over 100 years DCs have been on the leading edge of energy medicine and sustainable healthy living. You have seen enough citations in peer reviewed journals, and examples in your own private practice, to know this is true.

Can mothers be entrusted with this power today? Yes, they can!

We welcome your impressions, suggestions and questions.

    A loving mother can safely tap the awesome power of the chiropractic principle in her own home. She needs simple safety rules, a gentle heart and the guidance of her chiropractor. [CHIROPRACTIC PRINCIPLES] She can turn on the health of her loved ones -- safely, gently, legally, effectively -- with ChiroMom adjustments for first-aid and routine maintenance care.
   (NB: We do not recommend that anyone but fully trained DCs perform HVLA adjustments.)
   Imagine yourself saying, "Adjust this spot gently at least twice each day for the next 3 days, then bring her in and we'll see how things are going." Why not? The medical profession sends mothers home every day with toxic chemicals to add their "medicine cabinets" and childens' bodies. Can you not ethically send her home with a soft, gentle, slow, safe adjusting technique? Of course you can. Safety is all on the side of chiropractic.
Mother & Baby, chiropractic continuing education      
Make your
to serve,
greater than
your compulsion
to survive.

James W. Parker


    When first hearing about empowering mothers with ChiroMom adjusting skills, the majority of chiropractors react with fear. This is an appropriate response after a century of deceptive, often covert persecution! Be wise.

   Some DCs fear that the mothers will see themselves as equal to the doctors. They never will be.
ChiroMom is not a Chiropractor

   In both cases, does it not ring true and make more sense to expect that when we freely trust, teach and bond with mothers, they will trust and bond with us? That their hearts will quickly open to the principles and the doctors that bless their lives. That they and their families will begin to flee the "war on disease", and rise above mere treatment of symptoms. Healing Hands 2 Billion will nurture their innate abilities, empowering them accomplish physically what they are already innately gifted to do: restore connections and build relationships. Chiropractic will take them hand-in-hand up the pathway to radiant health.


chiropractic continuing education  Teach me!

A ChiroMama is not a chiropractor, CLICK HERE. >

   Mothers adore and respect the doctors who have trusted them, blessed them with the knowledge and skills of home chiropractic. When their children need more power than ChiroMom adjustments can turn on, the mothers of the world will flock by billions to fully trained doctors of chiropractic. They will not ask you to "crack" their babies' backs. They will not ask for "spinal manipulative therapy" or correction of "osteopathic lesions".

They will ask for chiropractic adjustments!

"Please doctor, adjust my baby."

Never doubt that a small group
of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world.

Margaret Mead


We welcome your impressions, suggestions and questions.

                    -- IGNORING OUR OATH

    Doctor, look honestly at the practices you know: fewer than 10% of the mothers bring any of their children in for care, ever. With under 100,000 DCs in the world, you can calculate for yourself in 30 seconds that fewer than 1 of every 1,000 people on planet earth will be adjusted this year. Over 6.9 Billion live and die without regular chiropractic adjustments. They have nowhere to turn but witch-doctors, toxic, costly drugs and high-risk surgery. Needless suffering!  I believe our oath obligates us to help those people, and we are failing to do it.


chiropractic continuing education

There is one thing more powerful than all the armies in the world: an idea whose time has come

Victor Hugo
    Billions of people today respect the Innate Intelligence of the body. They call it ki, chi, prana, the Inner Wisdom, energy medicine. As fully-trained DCs use information technology to teach mothers how to free Innate from interference, chiropractic will go viral. Is it not time for this profession to explode from seeing fewer than 1% of the global population to 10%, 30%, 50%, perhaps 80% within a decade - perhaps less? What can you do?

One thing is certain:
when we decide to trust the mothers, the grass-roots demand for trained DCs will soon be greater than the world has ever known!

   The time has come for great-hearted DCs to make regular, life-saving, life-enhancing spinal adjustments available to billions, world-wide. Healing Hands 2 Billion - One billion ChiroMamas. If you are a field doctor or technique professional, contact Healing Hands 2 Billion today. The mothers and children of the world need your suggestions and assistance. We need your criticisms, expertise, collaboration in this non-profit global effort. Lift where you stand - do what you can - share what you do.

Thank you!

       Politicians are not the key.
          Research, though important, is not the key.
             Teach the mothers -- they hold the key.


and ChiroMoms

The Health-care Team
of the 21st Century!


ChiroMom adjustments do not make Mom a chiropractor, CLICK HERE __________________________________________

    Jonathan B. "Jack" Sevy received his DC degree in 1988 from Western States Chiropractic College, and was licensed to practice in Washington, Oregon and Texas. In 1995 he sold his practice to accept a position as Director of Special Projects at the Parker Chiropractic Resource Foundation, and later Assistant to the President at Parker College of Chiropractic where Dr. James W. Parker and W. Karl Parker were his personal mentors. Dr. Sevy now resides in British Columbia, Canada, where he is writing and teaching.

Healing Hands 2 Billion is a non-profit organization with the goal of training 1 billion mothers around the world to adjust their loved ones, to love and respect chiropractors and chiropractic.

We welcome your suggestions, questions and contributions of any kind.

Stop a headache
with ChiroMom adjustments
chiropractic continuing education  Please help me

Cure Colds and Flu,
Stress & Stomach ache
with ChiroMom adjustments
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Chiropractic for the Whole World
A Giant, Sustainable Step Toward World Peace

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