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Stop Itching Safely Without Scratching

My mother taught me many years ago to gently rub the skin on both sides of a mosquito bite, but never on the bite itself. It worked, the itching would stop, but I did not know why. Much later, in sedentary dementia, institutionalized, and often in a wheelchair, her legs became scaly and itchy. She would scratch wildly, and injured her skin repeatedly. Infections followed, with pills and potions that were unwanted and ineffective. As I pondered how to help, her wise counsel and my own training in physiology combined to give me what you will read below. I named it BLESSINGS to make it easy for me remember the essential ingredients of the recipe.
Of course, it is always wise to consult with your family chiropractor or other trusted health counsellor when you have a health problem, and nothing on replaces that wisdom. Always consult your intuition, too!
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