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Parable of The Kite
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The Parable Of The Kite

A Grown-up Story for Kids (...or is it the other way around?)

A simpler, probably better version of this story has been made into a YouTube video, The Parable of the Kite. My original is below.

A youth went out to fly kites in the Kite Master's field. He had built his kite with love, and held it by a golden thread.

At first, there was no wind. The kite lay on the ground in the warm sun and could not fly. Even though the youth ran to lift the kite into the air, it would not stay up or rise. It had to have wind to pull against so it could fly.

Then the winds of selfishness blew, but the kite leaned the wrong way. It leaned with the wind and so it just skittered along the ground, ripped and dirty. Because it went along with the winds of selfishness, it was soon ruined.

The youth fixed his kite so that it leaned the right way, but it was still weak. The winds of selfishness twisted it out of shape, and it could not fly.

The youth was very sad.

The Kite Master was nearby, and the youth asked for help. Together they rebuilt the kite a third time. Now the kite was strong and leaned against the wind. The youth ran hard again, holding onto the golden thread. The kite rose quickly into the breeze. Higher and higher it soared, to where the winds were more powerful - and dangerous.

The youth held tightly to the golden thread. The Kite Master helped to guide the carefully upward. Sometimes when a fierce wind threatened to break it, they gave it a little slack. They knew that the golden thread would never break. Other times they pulled it firmly against the winds of selfishness.

The Kite Master was skilled. The youth was eager to learn, and willing to follow. The kite rose into the heavens. All who saw it wondered at the Kite Master and youth, and admired the kite. Many asked the Kite Master to help them fly their kites, and he freely gave.

But kites have minds of their own. This kite, from its high position flying in the winds - looking down, seeing far - began to feel rather proud of itself. It thought, I am a beautiful, strong kite. I withstand the fierce winds, and look down on the whole world. Why should my freedom be restricted by this golden thread? I should fly freely wherever I choose. This string holds me down! I will break free of it and rise above all.

The Kite Flies!

the dark forest

So it broke the golden thread.

The youth felt the golden thread go limp, and saw the kite fall into the dark forest. The people were sad and confused. Many pulled their kites down and went away, discouraged. But the Kite Master loved the youth, and they both loved the kite, so they went searching after it.

They found the kite, torn and broken on rocky ground. Its long tail fluttered weakly in the wind, snagged on a sharp branch,. Tenderly they gathered it up and brought it out of the forest to the Kite Master's home. There, his servants showed the young how to make the delicate repairs necessary so that it could fly again.

There were many patches and scars on the kite, but after a time it was ready to fly. The Kite Master carefully placed the golden thread into the youth's hands again, and the kite was glad. then, up, up it rose, leaning against the winds of selfishness, held safely by the golden thread. The people looked and admired. They could not see the patches and scars only the height of the beautiful kite. They saw the youth gently guiding the golden thread. They saw the Kite Master coaching the youth and protecting the kite.

Starting the Kite
Soon the sky was full of kites again.

When those who love and guide you
pull back a bit,
don't break the golden thread.

Jonathan B. Sevy, 2010

          Sky Full of Kites